Digital innovation

Championing digital innovation

Varela is passionate about digital innovation as the perfect solution to existing and future (social) issues. He believes digital innovation must be sufficiently embraced in order to tackle various challenges in the years to come.

Digital innovation could help realise drastic changes in many fields. Varela comments, “Otherwise we will soon be facing all kinds of problems in terms of water, food, energy, safety, healthcare, employment, social inequality, etc.”

He also suspects that all basic issues will be taken care of by machines and artificial intelligence. “I believe life can be a lot more natural, organic, creative, fun and intimate provided we use new digital innovation correctly. I am convinced we can have a more human world if only we would apply new technology efficiently.”

The challenge is to create digital solutions for social issues for which the authorities have not find a direct answer so far.

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Human world

Digital innovation will help create a more human world. Varela is convinced that more and more people, particularly young ones, today welcome a different system of values.

“People are not only interested in money, but they also want to help create a better world. A world that will see lots of changes over the coming time. Whether it is about companies or food for that matter, pollution, safety or healthcare. Over the next 10 years or so we will see many more changes than we did in the previous 50 years. In fact in the past half a century little happened when it comes to innovation, except for the internet obviously. Future developments, on the other hand, will be impressive. And it is great to be able to witness them. Large firms that decide to stick to old habits will vanish in about 10 to 20, simply because they will be overshadowed by innovative organisations that are much more flexible.”

With digital innovation each and every citizen will have the possibility to contribute to a safe society.

Brand Reflex Tool

In recent years Varela designed different models for today’s challenges when it comes to marketing and communication sciences. His best known innovation is called the Brand Reflex Tool.

A few years ago Varela discovered that, mainly because of the financial crisis, companies needed to have real-time insight into how their campaigns actually paid off. In 2015 many of these companies are still not quite in control of these results.

Real time
Companies want to be able to intervene more promptly during campaigns, based on the figures they have at their disposal. These figures should reflect consumers’ ‘state of mind’ on a daily basis.
Hence real-time information is pivotal.

By using the Brand Reflex Tool, companies are able to apply new digital innovation to control their budgets more efficiently.

New Reflex Tools
For the near future innovations are expected in the fields of care, education, job market, safety, sustainability and strategic implementation. In each model, digital innovation is pivotal.

Your organisation is using which digital innovations? At the moment various innovative digital solutions are being developed in different fields to help organisations continue to grow in the years to come.