Brand Reflex Tool

Varela is the founding father of the Brand Reflex Tool.

The Brand Reflex Tool is a unique digital innovation, the purpose of which is to measure all contact moments between brands and individual end consumers in real time. These moments are measured both online and offline. It means that the Brand Reflex Tool has been designed especially to be able to measure and register the impact of all marketing efforts down to the individual customer level (real time).

Consequently, end consumers’ movements will be identified in order to analyse whether marketing and communication efforts have paid off indeed. This allows brands to intervene on time, making their campaigns more worthwhile.

This new technology will provide the possibility to measure brands’ every single marketing and communication effort, both offline and online.

Figures are used to illustrate consumers’ ‘state of mind’ on a daily basis. Real-time information on how customers feel about the brand is indispensable.

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Objective of the Brand Reflex Tool

The main elements of the Brand Reflex Tool are the following:

  1. Continuous interaction between brands and end consumers
  2. Real-time monitoring (= measure) of this interaction
  3. Efficiency in marketing-en communicatieproces
  4. Benefits for brands and end consumers alike

As a result brands and end consumers will both benefit from this innovation.

Black Box consumer decision process undone

Measuring those contact moments means that consumers’ entire decision-making process until the product or service is purchased can be monitored. Up till now this was impossible in marketing science. At last, the well-known Black Box is undone.

Brands will know exactly when consumers are about to lose interest, considering purchasing the same product/service from the competitor instead, so brands can take appropriate measures to convince the end consumers as yet and prevent loss of turnover.

Measuring offline

Measuring contact moments offline is unique.
So far brands have hardly been able to decide on how many end consumers have actually watched their TV commercials, how these commercials are experienced and whether a brand transaction has taken place because of these commercials.

The very same problem presents itself with radio commercials, outdoor advertising (bus shelter ads and digital signs) and advertisements used in printed media (newspapers, folders and magazines).

Consumers are the ambassadors of the brand

In addition, the Brand Reflex Tool will invite consumers to become the ambassadors of the brand. So the brand will not only depend on top athletes, pop stars or any other celebrities, for recommending products or services.

The Brand Reflex Tool allows millions of end consumers to become the ambassadors of ‘their’ brand.

Dashboard for brands

During every campaign a brand dashboard will be provided, to follow end consumers’ steps in real time. The Brand Reflex Tool maps how contact moments have taken place.

Based on these statistics marketing experts will better understand the impact of their campaigns.

The introduction of the so-called Engagement Capital Ratio (ECR) has made the lives of marketing experts a lot more comfortable. It is because the ECR illustrates how consumers and brands are interacting.

Find out what the Brand Reflex Tool could mean to your organisation.